The Book Entrepreneurs Have Been Waiting For!!


As an entrepreneur, you understand the value of time.  Every second is money, and wasting it on finding the right tools for your business is a slow, aggravating chew on time and coins.


I wrote this book because, like you, I’ve searched all over the internet looking for tools that would help me run my business. I lost invaluable time searching for, and learning how to use, these tools.


This book is a collection of some of the tools my entrepreneur friends and I use to successfully run our business everyday!


We’ve brought these tools to you, because we want you to succeed!

Get ready to save money AND get your time back!

Black Biz Review Power Tools and Resources For The Busy Entrepreneur goes on sale October 1, 2018! More information on where to buy this AMAZING book is coming soon!

Norine Jackson, Author and owner of Black Biz Review

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