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Some products are easily accessible at the time a consumer wants them. Consumers like to go out and buy their products, because they enjoy shopping and want immediate gratification. Sometimes the refund policy is more flexible at a store and the consumer can receive the refund right then and there. Some products are connected to MLM’s, and MLM’s have a negative stigma for most people, and many don’t like auto ship or dealing with down lines, etc. Those are just some of the reasons why consumer prefer to buy from major retailers. Your question is a very good question. Consumers are going to make the choices that best fit their needs. It is our responsibility as small business owners to convince them that our product is the one they should choose. I think some of the solutions are to focus on your best product for starters. Make sure the product is just as competitive as similar mainstream products being sold. Market like crazy (every day, all day, on all social media – use Hootesuite to continually schedule your posts/tweets, etc.); use your current or previous customers as testimonies all day every day on all social media; start a fact blog educating people on the different ailments related to the issue your product resolves… (dry skin, acne, headaches, arthritis, alopecia, etc) while subtly mentioning your product. Youtube is not used enough. Not only can you gain a great following talking about issues people can relate to, but you can sell your products, and make money from the ads as well. Go IG…. Go FB live talking about the common issues your products solves without bringing up your product… Make yourself the subject matter expert on the issues (not just the product). Do a comparison of products with yours and why your product is better, and make sure your personal ethics are tightly entwined within your business. I wouldn’t focus too much on asking why consumers behave the way they do as much as I would focus on turning them towards your product(s). I know you didn’t ask for my advice… and I hope you don’t mind it. I do not sell products as much as I sell services. I own a business review and consulting company.

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