Black Biz review is the PREMIER website for Video reviews on Black-owned businesses.  We not only  video review products, we go to the location to give you a visual and our experience of the business! Also, check out our interview videos featuring celebrities, entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Don’t miss our business consultants as they share their knowledge on all things business!  Our goal is to make consumers aware of Black-owned businesses everywhere and to make Black businesses even more successful!

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It is no surprise that Norine is the brainchild behind Black Biz Review.  Not only is she passionate about first-class customer service, she is the bullhorn for businesses that have made a lasting impression on her.

With so many Black Owned Businesses (BOB’s) rapidly on the rise, Norine realized not only do customers need to know that these businesses exist, they also need to know how reliable and customer focused these businesses are. She realized that with all the black online business listings out there, this crucial piece was missing.  That’s when she decided to give birth to Black Biz Review.

Norine’s professional experience includes 20 years as an Information Technology professional, 12 years in the legal field, and 15 years providing excellent customer experience (XCX).  She is also an author and Action Coach, self-proclaming herself as MissActionologist.  Her passion is always to encourage and help others where she can.  Black Biz Review is an extension of that.

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