Norine Jackson

Knowing Your Competition

Business Strategist Christal Carter discusses knowing your competition, so that you can decide what makes your business unique from the rest.

Trichologist Dr. Linda Amerson Discusses Hair and Scalp Problems, Treatments and Solutions

Dr. Linda Amerson discusses the trichology profession, the millions of people who suffer from hair and scalp conditions, and how her clinic, L.A. Hair and Scalp, can...

La Detra White on Creating Collaborative Business Entities Among Black Businesses

La Detra White discusses ways small businsses can create collaboration and learning opportunities among Black Businesses. La Detra White is a successful business woman...

The Black Women’s TV Shopping Network – Biz Promotion

Red Robin Digital Design Marketing Solutions

African American Food Network TV

FatBabys LLC

Imagine Me Paint Parties

3Some Chocolates

How to Close More Sales – PT II

In part II of her video, Business Strategist Krista Jennings shares How to Close More Sales II.  If this video was useful to your business, and you would like to learn...