How We Review and Rate

We base our reviews on the following:


  1. Customer Service
  2. Product/Service Promise (Does it performs as promised)
  3. Price


  1. Customer Service

Customer service is divided into Online Reviews and Customer Facing Reviews.


Online Reviews:

Website performanceWe observe how fast the website loads, the overall functionality and speed of website performance while navigating through links and pages.

Ease of orderingWe observe the process flow of ordering products all the way to receiving an order confirmation email, including shipping and tracking information.

Shipping processWe evaluate how easy it is to track shipment.  We then evaluate the condition of the packaging and product, if the packaging protected the product, and the timely arrival of the product.


Customer Facing:

Quality of serviceWe evaluate the overall professionalism and positiveness of the employee/managers/agents of the business.

Wait time for delivery of product or serviceHow much time between ordering the product or service and receiving it.

Cleanliness of facilityWe observe the facility for cleanliness (i.e., bathroom, behind the counter, food handling, tables, floors, insects, etc.)


  1. Product/Service Promise

We measure the promise of the product versus the outcome.  If the product or service meets or exceeds or under delivers, we report the results and rate those results on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.


  1. Price

We take under consideration small businesses’ resources and budgets are not equivalent to large companies, as well as evaluate the customer service, product or service quality to help us come to a fair review and rating.